— author: ~ben published: true title: bsd.tilde.team description: an alternate freebsd host for tilde.team category: - main —


tilde.team offers an alternate host: bsd.tilde.team, which runs freebsd 12. currently it supports: - webhosting out of ~/public_html at http://<user>.bsd.tilde.team or https://bsd.tilde.team/~<user> (note that the ssl cert is only for bsd.tilde.team) - email with user@bsd.tilde.team - feel free to forward this elsewhere or to your main @tilde.team address - finger - irc: use weechat or irssi and connect to localhost 6667 - it’s a part of the tildeverse irc net the user creation script copied over the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file in your $HOME on ~team. feel free to adjust as needed or holler if you need an admin for something. you should be able to just ssh user@bsd.tilde.team instead of user@tilde.team there’s a mailing list thread for discussion that i’ll post updates to. feel free to holler in #team on irc as well.