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getting started

this guide is not very thorough or complete. if you want something nicer, try our cli for beginners article. — Welcome New to the command line and all this webby cowfoolery? You’re in luck! Here’s a basic HELLO WORLD tutorial. _______________________________________ / WELCOME TO TILDE.TEAM A PLACE FOR WEB \ \ PAGES / --------------------------------------- \ ^__^ \ (oo)\_______ (__)\ )\/\ ||----w | || ||

Logging in

PC (windows)

- git bash included with a standard git install - msys2 is quite nice and has support for mosh - another option is to use WSL (windows subsystem for linux)


- Open a terminal. Try ctrl + alt + t. - ssh your_username@tilde.team - Enter your password.


- Browse to Applications/Utilities/Terminal and launch Terminal (or press cmd+space, start typing Terminal, and press return) - ssh your_username@tilde.team - Enter your password.

Finding your index.php file

There are some basic command line commands you’ll want to Google and learn, but for this tutorial you only need a few: - ls = list files and folders in current directory - cd = change directories - nano = a command line text editor Type: ls to see where you are. You should see a directory called “public_html” Type: cd public_html to move into that folder. (cd stands for change directory.) Type: ls to see where you are. You should see your index.php file Editing your index.php file Type: nano index.php to open your index.php file and begin editing Edit your file, willy nilly When done editing, use ctrl + x to close the file You’ll be asked if you want to save; say y and to return to the command line Refresh your tilde page in your browser to see your new website Note: If at any time you feel you made a mistake in editing, you can exit and n to not save. see the advanced ssh key guide for more information and cool tips :)