— author: ~cmccabe published: true title: learning opportunities description: a list of code challenges, internships, and other resources to support learning by tilde.team members category: education - main —

Learning Opportunities

Coding Challenge Websites

There are many coding challenge websites on the Internet today. below are a few of them. the tilde.team shell is a great place to work on solutions to the challenges. Please, just be mindful of efficient coding practices while working on these. * Exercism * Project Euler * Advent Of Code

Internships and Other Developmental Opportunities


* https://formlabs.com/company/careers/job/82446/apply/ * https://formlabs.com/company/careers/job/656906/apply/

This Page Is Built Based On Your Input!

If you know of other internships, opportunities, or other (good) code challenge sites, submit a pull request for this page, or mention it to an admin on IRC.