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tilde.team services

i’ll keep this wiki page updated with the services that we run and maintain :) as a founding member of the tildeverse, tilde.team hosts a number of services for the tildeverse to share.

our deployed projects

- forum (source) - mostly defunct in favor of bbj

code related stuff

- gitea tildeverse git hosting

general utilities

- cryptpad - cryptdrive - markdown/code editor - presentation slides editor - polls - kanban boards - whiteboard - file drop - todo lists - nextcloud - 250mb limit: log in with your shell password - paste bin - nullpointer fileshare - termbin - rss reader


- tilde.news - lobste.rs sister site for tilde-related links - irc tilde.chat irc network for the tildeverse - we host one node of the network - we host quotes.tilde.chat - znc bouncer - log in with your shell password - thelounge webclient - runs in private mode: it stays connected for you. run webirc to create a login. - pleroma federated social network - mastodon federated social network - pinafore front-end - halcyon front-end - tooty front-end - email (webmail, smtp/imap, mutt, and alpine) - mailing lists - hosted on top of our mailserver - bbj (web mirror here) - forked from desvox/bbj - gopher proxy - defaults to our local gopherd: gopher://tilde.team