— author: ~ben published: true title: stuff to do on tilde.team description: programs and utilities to use on tilde.team category: - main —

stuff to do while you’re here

- chat - opens weechat connected to #meta and #team - cat $(which chat) to see what defaults we’re setting - mutt - command line mail client for @tilde.team mail - alpine - alternate command line mail client based on pine - bbj - command line bbs (bulletin board and jelly) - source here: gitea mirror and github fork - talk - old school chat utility (man talk for more info) - who - see who else is connected right now - webirc - register for access to our thelounge webchat client - pb - pastebin - talk - old school tty-sharing tool: see man talk for more info - finger - get info on other users (local and remote on other tildeverse member servers) - toot - submit a post to the tilde.team mastodon account - botany - tend to your plants and visit teammates’ gardens - bb - bashblog tool - feels - ttbp feels engine, forked from tilde.town/~endorphant. post to gopher, web, or internal only. - dcss - connect to tildecrawl and get your roguelike on you can type motd to see this while you’re logged in :)