lobsters lobsters everywhere
July 19th, 2018

re: my post about links.tildeverse.org and it running the same rails codebase as lobste.rs

i've been {lurk,idl}ing in #lobsters on freenode since i started having some troubles
with the configuration and setup. finally spoke up there today about getting this instance
up and running and they promptly added us to the wiki on their github repo
(https://github.com/lobsters/lobsters/wiki) as a sister site.

i also spoke to the owner of mockturtle, the bot that hangs out in #lobsters and sends
updates whenever there is a new post submitted. the bot is currently configured with
an email subscription to updates (from the rails app), from which it parses the title,
info, and submitter, then posts an update to the channel.

i'd like to open up the notification code in lobsters and add an irc hook so that i don't
need to resort to parsing emails. he was also planning on open-sourcing the code for
mockturtle into their ansible repo, so that might be an option if i don't find the time
to fork and mod lobsters.

also ran into ~eeeeeta (from town) and doug (from all the places) and finally procured
myself an invite to the main lobste.rs site. i thought i had an account but it turns
out that i did not.

lots of cool things coming down the pipes for us tilde lobsters!